Top Bitcoin Wallet Reacts to Trump Victory

The question of whether it’s Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton for the next president of the United States of America, the votes have been collected an results are in. It’s official. No wonder the price of Bitcoins in our bitcoin wallets have been skyrocketing today. Bitcoin is up 3% today to a high of $743 USD.

The best Bitcoin wallet receives a boost from Trump's Victory

The best Bitcoin wallet receives a boost from Trump’s Victory

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the USA. 

It was previous speculated that Bitcoin’s price would increase from a Trump presidency, and the results have been confirmed.

“I think a Trump presidency would be great for bitcoin, much like nuclear war would be great for bitcoin. It would be an epic disaster in a bunch of respects – economic, geopolitical, democratic – and in the fear and chaos bitcoin would be a defensive asset people could turn to.”

Now, the official stance by Donald Trump on bitcoin wallet is relatively unaddressed. Some investors interpret the boost in Bitcoin and precious metal price as an increase in uncertainty in the markets. However, the SPY has been rising since the election.

A Huge ‘Upset’

It’s incredibly inspirational how a businessman who had no political background just came into the presidential race and came out ahead. Hilary Clinton had twenty years of experience and connections in the political arena, yet failed to deliver on the election. Fortunately for Bitcoin and gold investors, the upset wasn’t upsetting at all. Unfortunately Hilary’s accumulated experience over the years amounted to very little in the real world of politics. After all, second place is last place.

Will Bitcoin continue to rise under Trump?

Trump may allow Bitcoin Wallet to be accepted in more stores.

Trump may allow Bitcoin Wallet to be accepted in more stores.

The greatest barrier to Bitcoin is regulation by the government. Eventually and inevitably, these regulations will loosen up. After all, the blockchain is being developed and accepted by corporations and big money everywhere. Naturally, the digital currency will also be developed further and prove itself to be a worthwhile addition to the economy. Industries involving money transfer will find itself a new competitor capable of handling many more transactions per second, requiring lower fees, and of a decentralized nature. It seems PayPal and Western Union will have many things to worry about.

It’s amazing to see even despite all the rigging that the Hilary Foundation has done against Donald, that she wasn’t able to steal the election from the underdog – Trump. David Seaman is the incredible enthusiast who was released from Huffington Post under Hilary Clinton’s orders. He released facts which put Hilary in a bad light, so he began to create videos about the subject.

Even though Donald Trump said nothing about Bitcoin or the best bitcoin wallet whatsoever, everyone projected an increase in the price of Bitcoin. It’s ironic that some media outlets are claiming investors are flocking to safety to Bitcoin after the fact that Bitcoin is even more unstable than a Trump presidency. Regardless, this is a good event for your bitcoin wallet. However, it is true that Gold prices have risen even more than Bitcoin following Trump’s presidency. Liquidity has been at an all time high for markets, as the SPY looks for new highs. The consensus among big money investors such as Carl Icahn is that Trump will be good for the economy, not bad. If the economy grows stronger, Bitcoin will naturally grow more too because more money can be available to invest into digital currencies and opportunities on the side.

Hilary Clinton Rejects Bitcoin

Interestingly, the candidate who is all about freedom doesn’t love decentralize free currency. In fact, she would like to end the internet and the free world! The reason is very simple: Wikileaks accepts Bitcoins. Julian Assange of Wikileaks have released many incriminating actions by Hilary, and she naturally would like to put an end to the organization, and to Assange – whichever is easier. Wikileaks’ PayPal has been shut down already, but their bitcoin wallet remains usable. Hence, Wikileaks is still able to survive as an organization that helps the American people. Without decentralized digital currency, there would be no Wikileaks. And we would never know about all the catastrophic actions taken by Clinton during her operation of the private email server.

Naturally, the value of the bitcoins in the best bitcoin wallet will rise following Hilary’s opposition winning, which is Trump. This is perhaps the greatest explanation for Bitcoin’s price movement following yesterday’s events.

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