Bitcoin Games is Incorporates eSports Gambling

And Bitcoins has made eSports gambling a lot easier, as it makes gambling fun and without worries. Bitcoin games are fun to play and something you need to try out.

What to know about Bitcoin Game

As a first time user, you need to know that transactions involving Bitcoin Games are quite different from those at banks. Bitcoins corresponding to a specific address and transactions are carried out using a private key registered on the user’s hardware. Like a wallet that is used to carry hard currency, similarly wallets or digital wallets are carry the information necessary to transact bitcoins.

Quick Bitcoin Information

Bitcoin is a virtual currency which has started to gain popularity as a payment method. Invented by an unidentified programmer, it was released as an open source software in 2009. It is relatively new and still in its experimental stage.

It is based on a peer-to-peer network with transactions taking place directly between users without the involvement of a bank. The unit of the bitcoin account system is Bitcoin and is represented by the symbols BTC or XBT. The question might occur to you, what is a bitcoin worth. A bitcoin is equal to 778 dollars as of today, but it may rise in the future.

Bitcoin Games and eSports Gambling

eSports gambling is possible with Bitcoin Games websites. League of Legends is one example.

eSports gambling is possible with Bitcoin Games websites. League of Legends is one example.

Several bitcoin websites are available to educate you in various aspects of bitcoin. So, before you get started, there are a few basics that you need to know:

Your Wallet must be secure: Like your real bank wallet, your bitcoin game wallet must also be secured. Always make sure to back up your wallet and use encryption.

  1. Price of Bitcoin is Volatile: Bitcoin Price has the volatility seven times that of gold. This is because of its novel nature, young economy and insufficient liquidity. It is suggested that you keep only small amounts in your wallet and keep the rest in your funds.
  2. Bitcoin payments are irreversible: All bitcoin transactions can only be refunded by the person or entity receiving them. Hence, it is important that you carry out transactions only with those who you trust or those who have a solid established reputation. There are also confirmation scores that show how difficult it is to reverse that particular transaction. Bitcoin prevents sending money to incorrect addresses by mistake by recognizing typos.
  3. Bitcoin Is not Anonymous: Though the identity of the user behind a certain address remains hidden, all the transactions that happen are recorded permanently and are available for public viewing on the network.
  4. It is still experimental:  As it is still development, sometimes you might encounter certain blocks like increased fees, slower confirmations or other such issues. Hence it is always recommended to consult a technical expert beforehand.

Taxes and regulations: Bitcoin isn’t any official currency and it is the user’s responsibility to adhere to government laws and regulations pertaining to taxes.

How to get bitcoins?

Dice is another form of Bitcoin Gambling that has recently emerged. It's really popular.

Dice is another form of Bitcoin Gambling that has recently emerged. It’s really popular.

If you are looking to get money for your eSports gambling, it is easy. Acquiring bitcoins is easy. You can get bitcoins by:

  1. Purchasing them at a bitcoin exchange:  if you are wondering where can I buy bitcoins exactly, we will get to that shortly.
  2. Exchanging Bitcoin Game with someone near you : this the fastest way to buy bitcoins by exchanging them with someone for cash.
  3. As a payment for goods and services: There are now several vendors who accept bitcoins in exchange of their services.
  4. [Earn bitcoins] via mining, which is the only way new [bit coins] are created.

How to Acquire Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can be bought at exchanges such as Coinbase. Coinbase is the most popular and preferred site for American residents. When you create a coinbase account you get a secure place to store your digital currency. It also provides easy payment methods for conversion of our local currency into or out of bitcoin. All you need to do is sign up and connect your bank account and complete some verification steps before you can start using your account for purchases.

You can see the current exchange rate before you begin to purchase bitcoin. If you are wondering how do I buy bitcoins log on to Coinbase to have all your questions answered. Once you have completed all the required steps you can buy bit coins as well as sell them. Coinbase is probably the best way to buy bitcoins. It is also the easiest way to buy bitcoin.

The fastest way to get bitcoin though is via Campbx which uses express mail or money order.

How to Earn Bitcoins For eSports Gambling?

There are several ways to earn bitcoins.

  • Cryptocurrency can be earned for gaming by accepting them as means of payment: If you have a store where you sell something, with Coinbase, you can get a free online Bitcoin Wallet. Display a QR-code with your Bitcoin Address next to your cash register; the customers can scan this QR-code to make transactions and help you receive payments in bitcoins.

    Here's a LOL tournament where people have placed bets using Bitcoin Games.

    Here’s a LOL tournament where people have placed bets using Bitcoin Games.

Customers using bitcoins will have an app on their phone to convert 1 BTC to USD or EUR to perform the transactions. No matter what kind of business you have, whether you sell goods or services, the integration can always be done quickly and easily by just following the above steps. The sites also have a free guide available for download with easy instructions. You can add your shop on Coinmap, which is a street map for businesses using bitcoins so that you will be listed as bitcoin merchant and be easy to find by customers who want to deal in bitcoins.

  • Earn free bitcoin game points by completing tasks on websites: There are many [free bitcoin sites] like BitVisitor, Freedigitalmoney, Coinworker, Bitfortip offer [free bitcoins] just for visiting these sites, or watching videos or completing a certain task like answering questions. Some sites will also reward you in bitcoins when you make purchases in bitcoin. We will elaborate on this towards the end of this section. However this is like the first step in familiarizing yourselves with Bitcoin in general. You shouldn’t be expecting that you are going to reap huge incomes out of these. This way of earning is more suitable when you have time to kill.
  • From interest payments: If you already have bitcoins, you can lend them on an interest basis either directly to someone you know or by using peer-to-peer lending sites such as Bitbond. This is a good way to get a free BTC. Lending directly may not give you many leads, but with peer to peer lending sites you can expand your options. Lenders are often competing on such sites trying to offer the lowest rates of interest.

Make sure you always lend through sites you can trust. There are also Bitcoin Banking like models, where when you deposit your bitcoins, the site will pay you a fixed rate of interest. The only problem with this model is that if the bank does not do well, you take the hit, because in the bitcoin world you are not insured.

eSports gambling is fun, and with your free cryptocurrency, you can gamble away! Play your favorite Bitcoin games today!

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