Business Strategy

TL;DR The NXT Film Project is a crowd sourced, community effort managed by three cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are fully committed to seeing this project lift off and reach it’s full potential.

The areas we are disruptive and innovative are:

  • The model we are using to finance pre-production
  • The marketing impact it will have for both NXT and cryptocurrencies in general
  • The deterrent effect it will have against other scam artists
  • And ultimately the edgy and controversial subject matter of the film itself

Project Capital

To raise the revenues required for the NXT Film Project, we are issuing a limited quantity of 1,000,000 NXTmovie assets to be allocated as follows:

  • 30% (300,000 NXTmovie assets) allocated to reward our Early Bird Supporters @ 1 NXT each on the NXT Asset Exchange.
  • 33% distributed evenly to the three core NXT Film Project team members (3 X 110,000 NXTmovie assets for each member, total of 330,000 NXTmovie assets).
  • The remaining 37% is to be made available to the community at later dates via the NXT Asset Exchange (SAE).
  • Each subsequent round (after the 1st round 300K NXTmovie asset release) will be made available in small batch quantities of 25K NXTmovie assets; incrementally increasing in price.


Going forward from the initial release of the NXTmovie asset on the SAE, we are working toward multiple revenue streams.

Site Advertising Revenues

While the screenplay is being created, we will be proactively engaging in a strategic (ongoing) PR campaign.

At the time of this writing, a BitcoinPRBuzz campaign will be going live next week. Currently our focus is on getting our Alexa Rank as low as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible. This, combined with compelling Google Analytics data will position as an attractive advertising engine for crypto-centic goods and services.

All site advertising revenues generated will be distributed evenly across all 1,000,000 NXTmovie tokens.

Embedded Advertising Revenues

Additionally, we are also offering blockchain-based businesses an opportunity to have their site or app, or service featured (i.e. written directly into) the screenplay.

All embedded advertising revenues generated will also be evenly distributed across all 1,000,000 NXTmovies tokens.


Everything is perfectly visible and track-able via the blockchain record. Simply take a peak at the account from which the asset was issued and you will see the following:

  • Three 80k NXT transactions to pay staff.
  • Three transactions of 110k NXTmovie units to pay partners.
  • One transaction of 10k NXTmovie units to pay VB for offering his wealth of experience and expertise by coming aboard our pre-production team.
  • One transaction of 20,333.47 NXT to Blake, of BitcoinPRBuzz, for our first major PR campaign.
  • The Nxt account being used to conduct the business for NXT Film Project: NXT-LFEK-9D5Y-2CRL-23DVS


  • Pre-production finance model. Most film ideas linger for years while the writer struggles to get interest. Ours was launched and funded in the span of a single day. Heck the events that inspired the film are still happening as we write it.

That kind of velocity (another topic important to cryptocmmmunities) is a market advantage that should not be overlooked. The writers and producers that are able to get innovative ideas on film fast can enjoy a first mover advantage that will block out other, slower film finance methodologies.

  • High marketing impact for blockchain-based cryptocurrrencies and tech. The film itself is LOADED with technology that to us is an everyday affair, but to the average “Joe Sixpack” viewer will seem like something out of a sci-fi novel.

The technology really is the star of the film and I wrote it with that in mind, every step of the way. People learn contextually much faster than they do from a direct sell. Those of you with a keen understanding of human psychology, learning, and influence will already know both how and why narrative story telling is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for any idea, in the world today.

  • The deterrent effect it will have against other scam artists. A good friend of mind summed it up nicely, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a flame war escalate into a film”. Make no mistake people, this is war and we’ve all got a big target on our back.

The willingness to fight back, to shine a light on their activity to the Nth degree will make any and all would be attackers think twice before simply moving on to easier prey. Shame is a powerful human deterrent and trust me, when I’m through telling the story of the thieves, scammers, and artful dodgers we must contend with in our community they will definitely be ashamed of what they’ve done.

  • The subject matter of the film itself. How many films have you seen that show imagery directly related to the blockchain protocol? ZERO. How many films have you seen that deal with NSA spying, the importance of encrypted messaging, the rights of those who wish to remain anonymous, the problems of cyberstalking, doxxing, etc? I’ve been trying to find films that speak to these problems and having found none have decided to MAKE one instead.

Suffice to say, we believe that with the proper support this project can be more than just a silly little romp about what happens in our little niche. Done properly it can completely change the way we create/fund films while also introducing millions to the advantages and nuances of the technology that has brought us all here in the first place.

Call us overly optimistic or naive but we believe in the unstoppable power the innovation of the blockchain provides us and we believe we are just scratching the surface in terms of the industries it will transform, given time. The NXT Film Project is a humble start but with enough success it could prove a rallying cry for blockchain enthusiasts and young film makers the world over.

Going Forward

Dividends will be distributed equally on a per-asset basis, regardless of buy-in price.

Ongoing NXT Film Project dividends will be generated via subsequent BitcoinPRBuzz campaigns (as well as dozens of smaller crypto-friendly traffic venues) via advertising sponsorships.

This will continue throughout the entire pre-production stage, until the screenplay is ready for market.

At time of sale of the NXT Film Project screenplay (working title: “Digital Blues”), 100% of all revenues generated will be distributed equally across all 1,000,000 NXTmovie assets.

Site advertising revenues will continue to be evenly distributed across all 1,===,=== NXTmovie tokens throughout post-production.

In other words, we seek to make the GoTo site on the web for these types of projects. As such, we will continue distributing advertising revenues to NXTmovie token holders.