Best Ethereum Wallet – Online Guide!

Ethereum is a pretty awesome coin. Maybe even the best on the market right now. And the best coin needs the best ethereum wallet. We’re guiding you through on how to send and receive funds on an online ethereum wallet.

Stay Away from Fake Sites

There are fake phishing copies of MEW on the web. As far as we know, there aren’t phishing sites for any of the alternative wallets yet. Regardless, always make sure your URL matches the site you’re trying to use:

You best check your Ethereum Wallet URL

You best check your Ethereum Wallet URL

Users have lost thousands of Ether by using fake copies, and there are quite a few fakes for MyEtherWallet. The worst part is that these sites aren’t immediately being taken down from Google Ads. This means anyone not paying attention can get baited and lose all their ETH. MEW’s developers are very triggered. One user even lost 3k+ Ether from one of these sites, so be careful!

Generating a Wallet

Enter a good password. This will secure the keys in a format that can be used with Mist/geth (offline ethereum wallet). Some might even say that the best ethereum wallet is one that is offline. On the other hand, many users prefer convenience over downloading a massive blockchain.

Hit generate:

Generate a wallet

Generate a wallet

Great! Now just download the recommended keystore file. This is compatible if with geth if you decide to use an offline solution in the future. For now, keep this file secure and stable.

Save this too. It's your address for receiving coins

Save this too. It’s your address for receiving coins

Blockchain Explorers

Blockchains are the latest craze. Huge companies are putting big bets into ideas related to the blockchain, and startups are receiving a ton of funding for their blockchain related ventures.

Blockchain explorers contain a ton of useful information stored on the blockchain. You can view any block and see which transactions have taken place, in addition to some other information such as who mined the block, how much the block reward was, and more.

Whenever ETH through the best ethereum wallet is sent to you, it will be through this address you saved above. You can easily check your balance and history using or Etherchain. These are Ethereum blockchain explorers. Just type in your public address from the steps above, and you should see all the transactions that have taken place related to the account. Anyone can view these details.

Sending Ethereum

To send Ethereum, you need the key file generated previously. This contains the private key, which is required to send Ethereum to other addresses on the network.

Send Ethereum from here

Send Ethereum from here

Navigate to the ‘Send Ether’ tab and upload the JSON file. Enter the password and unlock the wallet as needed.

From here, the online application should display to you all the details regarding the account balance and transactions. Feel free to send Ethereum from here. It does require the MEW node to be online and working.

What to buy

Crowdsales are very popular with the Ethereum community. Users absolutely love these, no matter what product it is. The DAO raised a huge amount of funding from users, though it was tragically hacked later on. Recently, a crowdsale for the development of an app called First Blood was held. $5.5M worth of Ethereum was raised for the application in less than 10 minutes. The idea itself holds some potential as eSports have gained popularity in recent years. We’ll see how things play out.

Other Wallets

There are a number of other credible wallets which exist for Ethereum. Sometimes, the node that one wallet runs on could fail – and users should still be able to manage their funds using a different platform. It’s recommended to use the best Ethereum wallet for your system. Mobile users should use Jaxx, as the other options are less trustworthy. Desktop users can use Mist as a good offline option.


Buy lots of Ethereum, invest lots of Ethereum, and have fun making bank! Building and using decentralized applications are vital to the future of this currency, and to overtaking the competition. ETH is truly a game changer with the smart contracts, and has a huge advantage over most of the competition both in adoption and market cap.

Comment below with cool ideas to add to this guide.…

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Top Bitcoin Wallet Reacts to Trump Victory

The question of whether it’s Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton for the next president of the United States of America, the votes have been collected an results are in. It’s official. No wonder the price of Bitcoins in our bitcoin wallets have been skyrocketing today. Bitcoin is up 3% today to a high of $743 USD.

The best Bitcoin wallet receives a boost from Trump's Victory

The best Bitcoin wallet receives a boost from Trump’s Victory

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the USA. 

It was previous speculated that Bitcoin’s price would increase from a Trump presidency, and the results have been confirmed.

“I think a Trump presidency would be great for bitcoin, much like nuclear war would be great for bitcoin. It would be an epic disaster in a bunch of respects – economic, geopolitical, democratic – and in the fear and chaos bitcoin would be a defensive asset people could turn to.”

Now, the official stance by Donald Trump on bitcoin wallet is relatively unaddressed. Some investors interpret the boost in Bitcoin and precious metal price as an increase in uncertainty in the markets. However, the SPY has been rising since the election.

A Huge ‘Upset’

It’s incredibly inspirational how a businessman who had no political background just came into the presidential race and came out ahead. Hilary Clinton had twenty years of experience and connections in the political arena, yet failed to deliver on the election. Fortunately for Bitcoin and gold investors, the upset wasn’t upsetting at all. Unfortunately Hilary’s accumulated experience over the years amounted to very little in the real world of politics. After all, second place is last place.

Will Bitcoin continue to rise under Trump?

Trump may allow Bitcoin Wallet to be accepted in more stores.

Trump may allow Bitcoin Wallet to be accepted in more stores.

The greatest barrier to Bitcoin is regulation by the government. Eventually and inevitably, these regulations will loosen up. After all, the blockchain is being developed and accepted by corporations and big money everywhere. Naturally, the digital currency will also be developed further and prove itself to be a worthwhile addition to the economy. Industries involving money transfer will find itself a new competitor capable of handling many more transactions per second, requiring lower fees, and of a decentralized nature. It seems PayPal and Western Union will have many things to worry about.

It’s amazing to see even despite all the rigging that the Hilary Foundation has done against Donald, that she wasn’t able to steal the election from the underdog – Trump. David Seaman is the incredible enthusiast who was released from Huffington Post under Hilary Clinton’s orders. He released facts which put Hilary in a bad light, so he began to create videos about the subject.

Even though Donald Trump said nothing about Bitcoin or the best bitcoin wallet whatsoever, everyone projected an increase in the price of Bitcoin. It’s ironic that some media outlets are claiming investors are flocking to safety to Bitcoin after the fact that Bitcoin is even more unstable than a Trump presidency. Regardless, this is a good event for your bitcoin wallet. However, it is true that Gold prices have risen even more than Bitcoin following Trump’s presidency. Liquidity has been at an all time high for markets, as the SPY looks for new highs. The consensus among big money investors such as Carl Icahn is that Trump will be good for the economy, not bad. If the economy grows stronger, Bitcoin will naturally grow more too because more money can be available to invest into digital currencies and opportunities on the side.

Hilary Clinton Rejects Bitcoin

Interestingly, the candidate who is all about freedom doesn’t love decentralize free currency. In fact, she would like to end the internet and the free world! The reason is very simple: Wikileaks accepts Bitcoins. Julian Assange of Wikileaks have released many incriminating actions by Hilary, and she naturally would like to put an end to the organization, and to Assange – whichever is easier. Wikileaks’ PayPal has been shut down already, but their bitcoin wallet remains usable. Hence, Wikileaks is still able to survive as an organization that helps the American people. Without decentralized digital currency, there would be no Wikileaks. And we would never know about all the catastrophic actions taken by Clinton during her operation of the private email server.

Naturally, the value of the bitcoins in the best bitcoin wallet will rise following Hilary’s opposition winning, which is Trump. This is perhaps the greatest explanation for Bitcoin’s price movement following yesterday’s events.…

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Bitcoin Games is Incorporates eSports Gambling

And Bitcoins has made eSports gambling a lot easier, as it makes gambling fun and without worries. Bitcoin games are fun to play and something you need to try out.

What to know about Bitcoin Game

As a first time user, you need to know that transactions involving Bitcoin Games are quite different from those at banks. Bitcoins corresponding to a specific address and transactions are carried out using a private key registered on the user’s hardware. Like a wallet that is used to carry hard currency, similarly wallets or digital wallets are carry the information necessary to transact bitcoins.

Quick Bitcoin Information

Bitcoin is a virtual currency which has started to gain popularity as a payment method. Invented by an unidentified programmer, it was released as an open source software in 2009. It is relatively new and still in its experimental stage.

It is based on a peer-to-peer network with transactions taking place directly between users without the involvement of a bank. The unit of the bitcoin account system is Bitcoin and is represented by the symbols BTC or XBT. The question might occur to you, what is a bitcoin worth. A bitcoin is equal to 778 dollars as of today, but it may rise in the future.

Bitcoin Games and eSports Gambling

eSports gambling is possible with Bitcoin Games websites. League of Legends is one example.

eSports gambling is possible with Bitcoin Games websites. League of Legends is one example.

Several bitcoin websites are available to educate you in various aspects of bitcoin. So, before you get started, there are a few basics that you need to know:

Your Wallet must be secure: Like your real bank wallet, your bitcoin game wallet must also be secured. Always make sure to back up your wallet and use encryption.

  1. Price of Bitcoin is Volatile: Bitcoin Price has the volatility seven times that of gold. This is because of its novel nature, young economy and insufficient liquidity. It is suggested that you keep only small amounts in your wallet and keep the rest in your funds.
  2. Bitcoin payments are irreversible: All bitcoin transactions can only be refunded by the person or entity receiving them. Hence, it is important that you carry out transactions only with those who you trust or those who have a solid established reputation. There are also confirmation scores that show how difficult it is to reverse that particular transaction. Bitcoin prevents sending money to incorrect addresses by mistake by recognizing typos.
  3. Bitcoin Is not Anonymous: Though the identity of the user behind a certain address remains hidden, all the transactions that happen are recorded permanently and are available for public viewing on the network.
  4. It is still experimental:  As it is still development, sometimes you might encounter certain blocks like increased fees, slower confirmations or other such issues. Hence it is always recommended to consult a technical expert beforehand.

Taxes and regulations: Bitcoin isn’t any official currency and it is the user’s responsibility to adhere to government laws and regulations pertaining to taxes.

How to get bitcoins?

Dice is another form of Bitcoin Gambling that has recently emerged. It's really popular.

Dice is another form of Bitcoin Gambling that has recently emerged. It’s really popular.

If you are looking to get money for your eSports gambling, it is easy. Acquiring bitcoins is easy. You can get bitcoins by:

  1. Purchasing them at a bitcoin exchange:  if you are wondering where can I buy bitcoins exactly, we will get to that shortly.
  2. Exchanging Bitcoin Game with someone near you : this the fastest way to buy bitcoins by exchanging them with someone for cash.
  3. As a payment for goods and services: There are now several vendors who accept bitcoins in exchange of their services.
  4. [Earn bitcoins] via mining, which is the only way new [bit coins] are created.

How to Acquire Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can be bought at exchanges such as Coinbase. Coinbase is the most popular and preferred site for American residents. When you create a coinbase account you get a secure place to store your digital currency. It also provides easy payment methods for conversion of our local currency into or out of bitcoin. All you need to do is sign up and connect your bank account and complete some verification steps before you can start using your account for purchases.

You can see the current exchange rate before you begin to purchase bitcoin. If you are wondering how do I buy bitcoins log on to Coinbase to have all your questions answered. Once you have completed all the required steps you can buy bit coins as well as sell them. Coinbase is probably the best way to buy bitcoins. It is also the easiest way to buy bitcoin.

The fastest way to get bitcoin though is via Campbx which uses express mail or money order.

How to Earn Bitcoins For eSports Gambling?

There are several ways to earn bitcoins.

  • Cryptocurrency can be earned for gaming by accepting them as means of payment: If you have a store where you sell something, with Coinbase, you can get a free online Bitcoin Wallet. Display a QR-code with your Bitcoin Address next to your cash register; the customers can scan this QR-code to make transactions and help you receive payments in bitcoins.

    Here's a LOL tournament where people have placed bets using Bitcoin Games.

    Here’s a LOL tournament where people have placed bets using Bitcoin Games.

Customers using bitcoins will have an app on their phone to convert 1 BTC to USD or EUR to perform the transactions. No matter what kind of business you have, whether you sell goods or services, the integration can always be done quickly and easily by just following the above steps. The sites also have a free guide available for download with easy instructions. You can add your shop on Coinmap, which is a street map for businesses using bitcoins so that you will be listed as bitcoin merchant and be easy to find by customers who want to deal in bitcoins.

  • Earn free bitcoin game points by completing tasks on websites: There are many [free bitcoin sites] like BitVisitor, Freedigitalmoney, Coinworker, Bitfortip offer [free bitcoins] just for visiting these sites, or watching videos or completing a certain task like answering questions. Some sites will also reward you in bitcoins when you make purchases in bitcoin. We will elaborate on this towards the end of this section. However this is like the first step in familiarizing yourselves with Bitcoin in general. You shouldn’t be expecting that you are going to reap huge incomes out of these. This way of earning is more suitable when you have time to kill.
  • From interest payments: If you already have bitcoins, you can lend them on an interest basis either directly to someone you know or by using peer-to-peer lending sites such as Bitbond. This is a good way to get a free BTC. Lending directly may not give you many leads, but with peer to peer lending sites you can expand your options. Lenders are often competing on such sites trying to offer the lowest rates of interest.

Make sure you always lend through sites you can trust. There are also Bitcoin Banking like models, where when you deposit your bitcoins, the site will pay you a fixed rate of interest. The only problem with this model is that if the bank does not do well, you take the hit, because in the bitcoin world you are not insured.

eSports gambling is fun, and with your free cryptocurrency, you can gamble away! Play your favorite Bitcoin games today!…

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Exciting Addition To Our Team!

Excellent news, folks!!  VanBreuk (from Nxt Forums fame!) has agreed to come on board in a professional advisory role for the NXT Film Project!  You may not be aware, but VanBreuk has worked in the film industry for over a decade.  He has been credited on such films as The Body( and Julia’s Eyes( He will be participating during the screenwriting and other pre-production phases.  We are excited to be able to tap VanBreuk’s expertise and skillset!

We will be recognizing VanBreuk’s contribution by gifting him 10,000 NXTmovie assets from the assets that we’ve held in reserve.  We hope that our funders agree that is a small price to pay for the experience VanBreuk is bringing to NXT Film Project!…

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Welcome To The NXT Film Project!


TL; DR Loosely based on real life events, the NXT Film Project is an edgy cyber thriller that narrates subversive and often vicious attacks that are conducted using technology. The plot showcases cryptoplatforms and communities, how they are disruptive to established institutions, and how technology can be used with either good or evil intent.

The NXT Film Project further aims to educate the lay person about cryptotechnologies, while also shedding light on the criminals who seek to take advantage of them. At the same time, it contextually demonstrates the technology’s efficacy and utility via the power of narrative storytelling.

Current round of funding is for pre-production on the NXT Film Project screenplay. All proceeds from the sale or licensing of said screenplay will be distributed evenly among token holders at the time of sale. Token holders will also receive site advertising revenues, which will ensure an early source of ROI.

Holders of 1% or more (of the total available quantity of NXTmovie assets) enjoy Special Perks(to be revealed soon).

A substantial portion of the proceeds from the NXT Film Project will go towards rewarding community member Cadence Jean Morton (aka CobaltSkky) as a form of reparation for the vicious harassment she received while confronting cyberbullying and cyberstalking in our community. This serves to demonstrate that our community rewards such members who stand against acts of cruelty and the invasion of our privacy.

The Back Story

Although the story is fictitious, the heinous events leading up to it are very much real. Cryptotechnologies will be portrayed in a highly accurate manner.

Elements Leading Up To This Event

While many angry and outraged posts have been made concerning the unscrupulous tactics of bluemeanie1 (aka bluemeanie4, Moneroman88), we’ll post only a handful of salient links that we feel demonstrates why this story must be told:

  • Surreality Ensues:
  • Vendetta:
  • And It Continues:

It was this strange, and often bizarre, turn of events that brought three total strangers to come together on the most exciting collaboration of it’s type.

Grace Under Pressure

In the middle of this cryptocurrency maelstrom, Cadence (the lady nerd being cyberstalked and cyberbullied), Edward (the journalist who blew the whistle), and Mark (the industry veteran who recognized a story that needed to be told) came together at that magical moment where destinies collide.

Despite the undue harassment that Cadence has been forced to endure by bluemeanie1, she has proven herself to be a complete professional. Where many would have buckled under the pressure, Cadence has been a genuine pleasure to collaborate with.

She’s chipper, smart as a whip, laser-focused, upbeat and has not a mean bone in her body. If anyone has earned the right to play the “victim card”, it’s Cadence. Yet she pushes on, head held high, as a bastion of hope for others who have been cyberbullied and cyberstalked.

We bring these points to light so as to help neutralize the false allegations, lies, and libellous assaults against her. Moreover, while we are working on a screenplay that is fictitious… the awful persecution bluemeanie1 has inflicted on her (and several others) is sadly real.

Current Project Development Phase

We are currently in the pre-production (screenplay) stage of the NXT Film Project. We are in the process of developing the themes and characters, and already have enough screenplay written to amply demonstrate “proof of concept.”

Themes under consideration are:

  • Bad things happen to good people without reason
  • The universe is grand and often inexplicable (aka “Karma is a bitch”)
  • Disruptive technology is at risk of being squelched by the old guard (opposing progressive solutions to defend the draconian stronghold)
  • Same stuff that happens in small communities happens in the global community (and vice versa) – it’s just spread out geographic regions and may take different forms
  • Technology is a tool that can be used for good or bad intentions – “tech doesn’t hurt people, people hurt people”
  • Evil succeeds when good people do nothing
  • Justice will be served, in some form or another
  • Positive opportunities can grow out of shit situations

Dividends / Rewards

The NXT Film Project is a crowd sourced, community effort managed by three cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are fully committed to seeing this project lift off and reach it’s full potential.

To raise the revenues required for the NXT Film Project, we are issuing a limited quantity of 1,000,000 NXTmovie assets to be allocated as follows:

  • 30% (300,000 NXTmovie assets) allocated to reward our Early Bird Supporters @ 1 NXT each on the NXT Asset Exchange.
  • 33% distributed evenly to the three core NXT Film Project team members (3 X 110,000 NXTmovie assets for each member, total of 330,000 NXTmovie assets).
  • The remaining 37% is to be made available to the community at later dates via the NXT Asset Exchange (SAE). Each subsequent round (after the 1st round 300K NXTmovie asset release) will be made available in small batch quantities of 25K NXTmovie assets; incrementally increasing in price.

Special Perks

  • Holders of 1% or more of the total volume of NXTmovie assets may join our Contributor’s Circle for early access to the screenplay.
  • Holders of 5% or more of the total volume of NXTmovie assets may join our Contributor’s Circle for early access to the screenplay and an opportunity to join the Production Steering Committee!

Dividend Distribution

Dividends will be distributed equally on a per-asset basis, regardless of buy-in price.

For the first large-scale NXT Film Project PR campaign, we are our own sponsors. The initial month’s marketing will be covered entirely by ICO funds with the intention of massively boosting Alexa Rank / Google Analytics; thereby positioning as an attractive advertising engine for crypto-centic goods and services.

Going Forward:

  • Ongoing NXT Film Project dividends will be generated via subsequent BitcoinPRBuzz campaigns (as well as dozens of smaller crypto-friendly traffic venues) via advertising sponsorships.
  • This will continue throughout the entire pre-production stage, until the screenplay is ready for market.
  • At time of sale of the NXT Film Project screenplay (working title: “Digital Blues”), 100% of all revenues generated will be distributed equally across all 1,000,000 NXTmovie assets.

To Create A NXT Exchange Account: Click either image below, then look for the link at top right.…

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Bitcoin could Destroy the Dollar in Seven Years

Some analysts believe that bitcoin is able to significantly undermine the dollar and the Federal Reserve by 2021. This anonymous analyst said one of the Fed’s computer experts online. He worked in the department of the Federal Reserve in San Francisco and was given the task to evaluate the potential threat cryptocurrency for the dollar and the Fed.

Bitcoin will overtake the dollar

Bitcoin will overtake the dollar

Based on its analysis, the analyst believes that Bitcoin is a huge threat to the dollar and world fiat monetary system controlled by central banks. He’s writing:

We received instructions to simulate a situation in which from the standpoint of developing bitcoin currency rises to the status of major currencies. Besides the usual in such cases, modeling and forecasts, we have the task to assess the possible volumes of cash flows, changes in interest rates, baskets of derivative securities, insurance risks and global effects on monetary policy and the conclusion of commercial transactions. The result of  the simulation  turned out amazing . 

Even if the average penetration rate in the economic reality and unstable growth rate, bitcoin has a very noticeable effect on the results of modeling, forecasting and, ultimately, understanding monetary decision-making regarding monetary policy.

We came to the conclusion that such a situation may result in the fact that as a result of the Fed and the US government will lose a significant part of their control over monetary circulation.

Even under the most optimistic (the Fed) scenarios where being based on the current pace of implementation of Bitcoin, the estimated tipping point falls on the 2021-2026 year. It was at this time the role of the dollar as the primary backup tool is completely undermined and usurped Bitcoin, and the Fed will lose its status as the main body governing global monetary policy.

These simulation results were independently verified by other entities, then I introduced them to the Fed’s Board of Directors. byly Council members are greatly concerned with the results and for three days carefully studied all the details provided by the report and interviewed staff involved in the study. It should be noted that unlike elected politicians, director of the Federal Reserve – are highly skilled professionals that can understand the essence of what is happening, and draw appropriate conclusions. 

Interestingly, according to the same anonymous source, “highly qualified” from the Fed still made their own conclusions from this report, and did everything possible to ensure that it is in any case not become known to the public:

Three weeks after the submission of the report, my research group has been disbanded, and I was transferred to a tiny regional branch of the Federal Reserve, where there is virtually no issues and resources for further research. A similar fate befell the other members of our team – so most of us are actively trying to find work outside the system.

At the same time, the strict non-disclosure agreements make it impossible to talk about their results publicly for us. Personally, I try to go to work in industry, in order to be closer to the subject cryptocurrency as the main research interest.

For me it is clear that the arrival of Bitcoin is fundamentally changing the way economists must consider the monetary model and simulate the economy. Specifically, central banks are afraid, afraid of the government, and they would rather bury the truth, suppressing the publication of specialized studies on the scale of the future effects of cryptocurrency and sending these directly to our reports in the archive.

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul has also previously talked about the possibility of the dollar offset Bitcoin. He said that if a lot of people started to use bitcoin, he would have gone down in history as the currency, which destroyed the dollar. But Paul warned that “the government demand a monopoly on money and credit. They do not give up so easy. The process of the dollar offset will be very painful. ”

It seems that the recent events have confirmed these fears. Central banks all closely eyeing the progress cryptocurrency, and engaged in a detailed study and modeling of this phenomenon. If their modeling shows that cryptocurrency represent an existential threat to their monopoly (as reported by an anonymous source), the question arises – to what steps they will resort to neutralize this threat?…

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