Blockchain-Based App or Service?

TL;DR We are well underway to producing the first major motion picture screenplay of it’s type (a crypto-centric cyber thriller). Consequently, we are seeking non-adult blockchain-based businesses to partner up with.

This is your opportunity to have your blockchain-based site or offerings written directly into the screenplay script (i.e. embedded advertising). For example, when you’re watching a movie and you see one of the actors casually sipping on a Coke, with the logo plainly obvious… that is embedded advertising. Or like the episode of Dr. Who, when he directly mentions Twitter, that’s also embedded advertising. In essence, you’d be a Sponsor of the Nxt Film Project.

Prices are negotiable on a case-by-case basis; based on the type of embedded advertising and to what extent the product, service or site is featured. For example, a casual mention or flash of a logo would be considerably more economical than weaving a site directly into the plot.

How It Works

The way it works is that you’d send us a link to the site that you’d like featured, and a general idea of how deeply you’d like your blockchain-based product or service to be embedded into the screenplay. We’ll then reply back with a free quote (with the option to tender payment in either BTC or NXT).