It should come as no surprise to anyone if we say that Avengers: Endgame is the most anticipated movie ever made in the history of the film industry, people have wanted to watch a lot of movies but none have been ever hyped as much as this


. It will the follow-up to another hugely awaited movie by Marvel – Avengers Infinity War. But the sad part is here, predictions are made that Endgame will be the final chapter in the Marvel Avengers Saga. After facing the saddest part of their lives in Infinity War, whoever is left in Avengers will give their last kick in Endgame to stop Thanos. Mainly the Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Clint Barton and everyone’s favorite The Hulk will show their efforts in stopping Thanos before he’ll make every species of the whole universe to face the DOOMSDAY!

Clint Barton, who was missing in the Infinity war met Natasha while cleaning his sword just after he killed a guy. He was missing from the Infinity War because he got arrested after the events that took place in the third sequel of Captain America.

Trailer explanation

All these have been shown in the official trailer of Avengers: Endgame. Another most significant scene of that trailer was the arrival of Scott – The Ant-Man at the Avengers compound. This scene was hilarious because it was completely unexpected that the Ant-Man would be able to escape from the deadly trap of the Quantum Realm, as shown in the last scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp.Ant-Man is greatly expected to help Natasha and Steve in getting to Thanos. Things have not been so easy for the Ultimate Genius, Tony Stark. As shown in the trailer, Tony is going to die after being defeated on Titan by Thanos. He is shown trapped in a small spaceship which already ran out food and water and the Oxygen too will soon be vanished. He was recording audio for his fiancé, Pepper Potts in the headpiece of his suit which may be the last remnants of his awesome Iron Man suit.

Wonder just dropped the trailer for Avengers 4 and we’ve searched through it to locate the most intriguing and nerdiest information only for you. How about we kick things off toward the end with the uncovering of the title.

Trailer Breakdown

Avengers: Endgame. Presently, “Endgame” is a term that has been referenced twice before in past Avengers films.

The first run through was in Age of Ultron when Captain America and Tony Stark had the accompanying trade, which appears stronger at this point. Tony said to Cap, “That up there. That is the endgame. How were you folks anticipating beating that?” To which Cap answered, “Together.”

And after that most as of late when, just before he passed on in Infinity War, a crushed Tony asked Doctor Strange for what good reason he surrendered the Time Stone to Thanos, to which Strange answered, “We’re at last diversion now.”

As we recently called attention to, this scarecrow scene “is additionally a tribute to 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet comic, wherein Thanos has resigned from villainy and is working the fields on a remote outsider world. In that story, Thanos is withdrawing in disrespect more than boasting over a hard-won triumph. As in the Infinity War motion picture, Thanos secures the full Infinity Gauntlet in this story and utilizations it to wipe out a portion of all life known to mankind.”

“The thing that matters is that he rapidly loses the Gauntlet because of his own hubris and has his work fixed. Thanos understands that where it counts, he constantly needed to lose. Looked with his own mental shortcoming, Thanos resigns to carry on with a peaceful, basic life. He even uses his ensemble as a scarecrow similarly as he does in this motion picture.”

In the trailer, we also see Bruce Banner representing partners who have all disappeared: Scott Lang, Shuri, and Peter Parker. We realize Peter was a casualty of the Decimation and we’ll return to Scott in a minute, however, it wasn’t obvious from the finish of Infinity War the end result for Shuri.

Seeing as how the Avengers were in Wakanda when Thanos snapped then perhaps Shuri did to be sure die alongside her sibling T’Challa. Or on the other hand, maybe she promptly went off without anyone else to manage matters.

And that’s all we’ve come to know about the fourth movie of the Avengers Saga. I hope that this article has made you even more curious about the movie and must have cleared all your doubts regarding the trailer of Avengers: Endgame.